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The “Incarnations” Line of Vintage Locket Necklaces

is the newest collection to be added to JUST JULES

The history of the locket is almost as much of a mystery as the contents of a locket itself…a locket is said to hold the deepest secrets of your heart and is entirely personal and sentimental to the wearer.

Traditionally, the locket would contain a lock of hair, a picture, a love note or even ashes and was inscribed with the owners’ initials or words of undying affection for her lover.

With a locket there are moments and memories to collect, they are symbol of everlasting love, and every locket has a story to tell. The vast variety of lockets available at Christensen & Rafferty makes it the perfect gift for almost anyone and matches with almost any attire because it is so timelessly fashionable.

If you are looking for the perfect birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, christening, new baby, memorial gift or for just about any occasion you can’t find a better expression of your love than the giving a locket.

May we always keep our hearts full of fun, laughter and joy!